Schrill Bizarr Brachial – Das Neue Deutsche Design der 80er-Jahre


New German Design of the 80s / Das Neue Deutsche Design der 80er-Jahre
A temporary exhibition displaying more than eighty “Fancy, Bizarre, Brute” original objects from the 80s. State-run museum catered to Tourists and Design enthusiasts.

17th October 2014 – 1st February 2015
Bröhan Museum (located opposite of the Schloß Charlottenburg)

Exhibition Construction
The second floor of the small museum was deconstructed into several smaller rooms, hence, creating a division between the various themes and artist works. Furthermore, the objects were grouped and placed on different types of stages; Euro-Pallets with a white or black boards on top or plain white and black platforms. The colour-pallet of the entire space seemed to be black, white and grey contrasted with competing splashes of bright magenta and blue.

Each room had a large section of the wall covered in obscurely placed text in an attempt to reflect the style of the New German Design of the 80s. There were also smaller informative texts in both German and English.

Print Production
In order to give the visitors a better feel of the rebellious time-period, several groups of black and white photos from various Photographers were printed and stuck on the walls.

Light Concept
The newly installed white-halogen-LED lights comfortably lit up the individual sections of the exhibition. Exhibition designer Kathleen Arthen even went into great detail, mentioning the use of three different lenses for the lights.

Guided Tour
Our very informative curator, Dr. Tobias Hoffmann, spoke in depth about a lot of the objects as well as the describing atmosphere that brought about these object. The “Statement” pieces clearly stepped away from the Gute Form (Good Form). As a result unique and individual pieces broke away from the usual standard, commonplace Industrial products.

Text Su-Yen Hennings und Fiona Belousz
Bilder Su-Yen Hennings und Fiona Belousz und Manuel Ahnemüller